Can you help us get Seeing Him out to festivals?


We've currently submitted SEEING HIM to over 100 festivals, but submission fees vary from £10 to up to nearly £100 for some festivals and that's quite a financial challenge.


We're being strategic and considered and we want to target festivals that will offer us a variety of benefits. We're keen to get into as many UK festivals as we can - this will also offer supporters across the UK the chance to see the film on the big screen!


But there are many festivals which will offer us general global reach and visibility for the film. And then there are UK and international festivals which have specific interests such as central female roles, festivals by first-time writers. And festivals which have specific interests such acting, cinematography, directing, music and editing.


But we're also being brazen and chasing awards!


We've already won NINE AWARDS! We're extremely proud of the film we've all achieved, together with our crowdfunders and supporters. Additional funds will help us to target the more expensive Awards-qualifying festivals both in the UK and internationally which mean we could be in the running for BIFA, BAFTA or Oscar consideration. We made the official selection for Rhode Island our first Award-qualifier, now we need one more selection to be able to submit for consideration for an Oscar! We've come this far, we might as well try!


You can keep up-to-date with festival submission success via this site or our Facebook Page and also over on Twitter!


By clicking on the Donate button below you can contribute to our festival submissions process, completely securely, via PayPal. You can choose the amount and every penny helps!


Thankyou in advance for your support! We appreciate your help so much.