‘Seeing Him’... My Experience at the premiere by Cameron Moon

On June the 17th of September 2017 the moment to finally see the ‘Seeing Him’ short film had finally arrived. Having been a follower of the film during its earlier incarnation as ‘Three Days Short’ I was more than excited to see what the actual final product was going to be like but more of that later.


The venue and event as a whole was one full of love and admiration. Held at the Prince Charles Cinema in London’s Leicester Square the turn –out was spectacular with people traveling from all over to attend.

With literally everyone looking their ‘red carpet’ best even the hot spell we were having wasn’t going to stop us having a good time.  What struck me most about the atmosphere was the love in the air. I think there was a real admiration and joy present and I genuinely do believe it was down to Vanessa Bailey.  Before the 17th I’d never actually met her in person or anyone else to do with the film. I was genuinely touched at how generous and attentive she was to everyone even though I’m sure she had a hundred things to do! This is why I truly believe the crowdfunding campaigns were so successful. Vanessa has a way of communicating with people as if they’re the only person in the room. Her natural ability, sincerity and humility drew people to the project. People wanted her to succeed and she did in astounding fashion. I genuinely see her as a role model both as a human being but also as an actor/ filmmaker. Like her I too have no formal acting/ writing/ producing training at all yet I’m doing really rather well in the profession. It’s a lesson thanks in part to Vanessa. Being gracious to everyone around you really does help. I don’t mean this as a ploy to getting what you want but just being the person people want to be around and assist and work with. Vanessa Bailey is that person and more as to her it comes naturally.

I was genuinely star struck upon seeing Vanessa, Catherine, and Duncan et al. It was like the stuff you always see on television only this time you were part of it. A huge crowd, plenty of photographers and lots of friendly faces there to support ‘Seeing Him’.



As we entered the air conditioned auditorium an introduction by the principle players including director Chris Jones before the film had us settled and relaxed. The idea was to have a Q & A after the film, then re -watch the film followed by another Q & A session. A very, very good idea I thought. Upon first viewing the film threw me what you’d call a curve ball. Don’t misunderstand I loved every frame but a second viewing really helped us delve into the thinking behind the story arc. Rest assured there won’t be any spoilers here but what I will say that the film was beautiful and quite devastating. One could really feel the angst and passion of the characters. The performances by Vanessa, George, Duncan & Catherine were nothing short of hypnotic. Yes, I’d describe it as hypnotic. For the running time you are in the world inhabited by these characters and their emotions come seeping right off the screen and into your psyche. I can really only speak for myself but the audience reaction (I thought) was spot on. Everyone felt ‘it’! To know what that ‘it’ was you really need to see the film.   Beautifully acted, filmed and scored it was like watching an emotional dance, like a tango in some respect. There is nothing quite like it out there I assure you.

The Q & A sessions were outstanding too and gave a real insight into the thought process behind the film. It also brings me neatly back to where I sort of started. In my humble opinion for an Independent film to succeed you MUST have a certain amount of empathy behind the filmmakers & your audience/ backers/supporters. It’s this crucial connection which really came across in the talk. This coupled with dogged determination to create the best possible product really made things happen. As Vanessa mentioned in the talk, the fact that you have in your possession people’s hard earned cash makes it a huge responsibility to pull on all the stops and make the best film you can. I think they more than succeeded.  I’m so excited to see it make its way out to the film festival circuit where I’m certain it will garner many a deserved accolade.


Following the showing we made our way to the intimate surroundings of the Phoenix Artist’s Club where we were all able to mingle and chat and once again meet people I hadn’t met before and also catch-up with dear old friends too. During the evening a screen projected many greetings from family and friends of Vanessa which was really touching. I wish there was more time to chat to everyone but hopefully (if I’m fortunate enough) I’ll get to see you all again soon.

Finally I was thrilled to see my name on the ‘Wall of Love’. A complete surprise! I wish you all the VERY best with ‘Seeing Him’ xxx


Cameron Moon

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