"Powerhouse actress"

Creation International Film Festival


"An exceptional and haunting short"

View of the Arts


"Natural, vibrant performances. Unquestionably moving"

Acting Hour


"Bailey carries a particular weight with her performance that makes it both moving and believable"

TMBT Film Awards


How far would you go for love?

Sophie and her younger lover, James, are deeply in love. But an ultimatum from Sophie's sister challenges their relationship and forces Sophie to confront deeply uncomfortable truths. And with those truths comes an inevitable choice.  Seeing Him is a bittersweet observation of the passion and boundaries of love.


If you've ever loved someone then this film is for you.


The story behind the film

The film is spearheaded by actress and first-time writer and producer Vanessa Bailey and directed by Chris Jones, multi award-winning director and author of The Guerilla Filmmakers Handbook.


Seeing Him is an independent, short drama fuelled by the team's belief in the script and the emotional heart of the story.


Financed through crowdfunding, with backers from across the globe, the team have shot a high production value short with an exciting array of industry professionals to bring the story of Sophie and James to life.


The premise for Seeing Him began as a story earworm that refused to be ignored. Vanessa began the process of writing and producing Seeing Him several years ago, in partnership with executive producer Suzie Boudier. They launched social media platforms, built a fanbase for the film and began to pull together a team. Utilising the burgeoning interest in the film on social media, Vanessa ran five crowdfunds, using both Kickstarter and Indiegogo, in order to finance the various stages of filmmaking.


Facing major production and personal challenges along the way, including extensive re-shoots and the unexpected deaths of both her parents, Vanessa and her team continued to work passionately - not just to get the film made, but to make the very best film they could.


Our hope is that this film will challenge, surprise and move its audience.

Watch the 2 Minute World Premiere Video for 'Seeing Him'

The ‘Seeing Him’ World Premiere, London, June 17th 2017 as it happened. Shot and edited by Viktoria Tolidou.


With thanks to sponsor Baccarat Hair Design for their support in helping to make this film possible